Professional NRA & USCCA Certified Firearms Trainers - Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Protection, Reloading
If you are an NRA or USCCA Certified Instructor or would like to become one, we offer both instructor training and opportunities for you to teach while we handle most of the paperwork and we make sure you get paid for your instructional services.
For more information:  Call us at 256-886-7020, or E-mail us at [email protected]
Become a NAFT Instructor.  Download the application and either mail it to us, or scan it and e-mail it to us.  
USCCA Instructor Training
If interested in becoming an USCCA Instructor contact NAFT's USCCA Training Counselor Mr. Rob Barry at [email protected] for the latest on our next USCCA Instructor Certification Course:  Successfully passing the USCCA Instructor one-and-a-half-day course of instruction in conjunction with the USCCA's prerequisite instructor online training modules certifies you as a USCCA Instructor. USCCA requires instructor candidates to complete their online Instructor training modules AND purchase the USCCA Instructor Toolkit as a prerequisite for the classroom training with a USCCA Certified Training Counselor- there are no exceptions this requirement. et by the US347.00 (non-negotiable). Start Time 8:30 am.
NRA Instructor Training Opportunities
NAFT will be offering:    NRA Chief Range Safety Officer Certification  Sept 18-19. 
                                NRA Pistol Instructor Certification Oct 16-17. 
                                          NRA Rifle Instructor Certification Nov 6-7
 The NRA requires a minimum of four Instructor Candidates to conduct a course.  If you are interested in becoming an NRA Instructor please sign up on line or contact  NAFT  at 256-886-7020 or [email protected].

In order to become an NRA Certified Instructor in any discipline and CSRO, the NRA requires you to complete their Basic Instructor Training (BIT) course within 24 months of taking the discipline-specific instructor course. Once completed, BIT remains valid for 24 months and you can add other instructor certifications without taking BIT again.

For all Instructor Certifications, the NRA now requires that you complete the Basic student course as a prerequisite for the instructor course. Prior to the instructor course you must also pass a pre-course qualification that demonstrates your proficiency with the fundamentals of safe gun handling and basic marksmanship skills. You’ll then need to complete the Pistol Instructor Certification course. 

For more detailed description on the process to become an NRA Instructor open this file: